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Last Minute Inshore Fun – 5th April 2016

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After a last minute booking we had a excellent day out at the point boating some yellowtail around the bellows on spinning gear.

We had a late start to the morning only leaving Houtbay at 7:15am,  arriving at the point only to find the tail going crazy on the surface feeding on garfish. We drove up to the shoal throwing plugs, wax wings and max raps which the fish couldn’t leave alone.

A very good way to spend my birthday.


Nick – Big Catch Skipper


17 October Yellowtail and Bronze Whaler Shark

Cyril and his team from Fishing Adventurer, the tv series joined us for day one, some inshore action with the yellowtail and bronze whaler sharks. There was all-round activity the whole morning with the yellowtail not readily taking the lures, making for some tough fishing. However we did manage to find several still willing to take a spinner and then put some of the smaller tail and katonkel down for live bait for bronzies. We put down 4 live baits and had 4 sharks take the baits within minutes biggest about 2.7m long. So some great action, we were catching the shark on big barbless circle hooks making for an easy release without leaving the hook in the shark.


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Yellowtail action at Cape Point.

Manuel and Frank from Argentina joined us for some inshore action on the yellowtail, we had a lot of activity with large schools of big yellowtail feeding on bait fish with some good surface action. We had a look for the tuna as well but no luck yet.

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Cape Point Yellowtail Action

Gavin and friends joined us for two days inshore fishing. We had some great action with both yellowtail and katonkel tuna as well as common dolphins, bronze whaler sharks and some humpback whales. Looking forward to having you guys back on the boat again soon for some tuna action!

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