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Yellowfin Tuna Thunnus albacares


Attains 115kg in Cape waters, averages 50-70 kgs.


Yellowfin tuna have a robust, torpedo shaped body. The back is metallic blue changing to golden yellow sides and a silver/white underbelly. The dorsal and anal fins are yellow, edged with a black border. Pectoral fins are longer in larger specimens. Yellowfin are opportunistic feeders, preying on pelagic organisms such as small fish and squid.

Fishing Technique:

Big shoals follow long line and trawler vessels. Good catches are achieved in their near vicinity. Shoals are also located by trolling artificial lures or by chumming. After strikes, the fish are kept near the boat by chumming pilchard blocks as well as spinning.

Fighting Ability:

Yellowfin are a formidable opponent on the end of a fishing line, sometimes taking several hours to land on lighter tackle. This fish will test the fittest angler to the limit. Yellowfin may take several hundred metres of line in the first run and won't ever stop fighting, even when you think you have them beaten. Kilogram for kilogram there cannot be a stronger fighting fish in the sea.

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