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Longfin Tuna Thunnus alalunga


Attains 38 kgs (thats the biggest we have caught :) in Cape waters.


Longfin Tuna have a metallic blue back and a silvery white underbelly, with an irridescent blue band running along each side. The fins are predominantly yellow. Longfin are one of the most widespread tuna species, occuring roughly between the equator and 40 degrees south in all oceans. They feed on small marine organisms such as anchovies, pilchards, lanternfish and squid.

Fishing Technique:

Shoals are located by trolling artificial lures. The fish are kept near the boat by chumming and spinning.

Fighting Ability:

When spinning for these fish you will feel like you suddenly hit a brick wall and then all hell breaks loose as the longfin makes repeated runs trying to throw the lure. It is necessary to maintain a constant pressure on these fish in order to boat them.

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