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Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin tuna have a robust, torpedo shaped body. The back is metallic blue changing to golden yellow sides and a silver/white underbelly. The dorsal and anal fins are yellow, edged with a black border. Pectoral fins are longer in larger specimens. Yellowfin are opportunistic feeders, preying on pelagic organisms such as small fish and squid.

Longfin Tuna

Longfin Tuna have a metallic blue back and a silvery white underbelly, with an irridescent blue band running along each side. The fins are predominantly yellow. Longfin are one of the most widespread tuna species, occuring roughly between the equator and 40 degrees south in all oceans. They feed on small marine organisms such as anchovies, pilchards, lanternfish and squid.


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