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Nick Von Rahden Big Catch Skipper

Hi my name is Nick von Rahden, I fished with Captain Dave for almost five
years as permanent crew onboard Obsession.
In the past five years I’ve had some of the most amazing experiences of my
life out in the deep onboard Obsession. One of which I will never forget is the
day I landed my stubborn 96kg yellowfin tuna.


It was a perfect October day
in the we had set out from Hout Bay harbour after the big one. Once arriving
in the tuna grounds the sea was calm as a lake and there was this majestic
feeling in the air.


Dave turned around from behind the wheel and said to me
“NICK! drop a bait” with this evil grin on his face, at that moment I knew we
were on top of some serious yellows.
So I stripped that bait into the water as fast as I could, about 10 seconds later
I felt the line tighten up in my hand, all of a sudden the reel exploded like a
AK47, the fish took off like a freight train, I knew it was a big boy. Lifting the
rod out of the gunnel with great difficulty then strapping into the black magic
harness I was screaming with excitement.


After about 20 minutes I got the fish up for the first time, it was a bus (big fish
90kg plus) we could see this fish was still green (full of energy) he turned his
head for the sea bed and gave a great kick with his tail, at this point in time I
had the drag pumped up high.


The fish was so powerful it lifted my feet off the deck, partly pulling me over
the gunnel, Alistair reacted quickly and grabbed me by the gumboots planting
my feet back on the deck, (thanks Al ). I re-collected myself and continued
the fight of my life, after about 15 minutes I had the fish up again. I thought to
myself, I have to land this fish I cant give up, the pain was immense.

This fish was not giving up and neither was I, he put his head down again
but this time at an angle towards the bow of the boat, he kicked his tail going
under the boat so I lent forward over the gunnel so the line wouldn’t chaff
the keel and snap. To my amazement I watched the rod tip wrap around the
gunnel and disappear under the boat, then all of a sudden the rod couldn’t
take the pressure anymore and snapped with an explosion of graphite in my


My heart just sank I could not believe what had happened. I had lost the fish.
I’m standing at the gunnel with what’s left of the rod in my hands strapped into
the black magic and I see the line had somehow not snapped was still tight. I
got this, I thought to myself.


In a blink of an eye Captain Dave was there, he grabbed the line with his bare
hands and started wrestling with the huge tuna, pulling in the fish bit by bit. I
quickly started taking up the slack back onto the reel. The fish came up under
the engines. With Alistair’s quick reflexes he quickly gaffed it. With a great
team effort and experience we had him, I was so relieved and happy.


This is just one of my many great memories and experiences I’ve had fishing
with Two Oceans. So if you want a great story to share with your fishing
buddies do not hesitate to book a charter. Hope to see you on the water.


Cheers, Nick von Rahden.

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