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Charters / Tuna Spear Fishing

In my opinion the yellowfin tuna we target off Cape Town are one of the strongest fighting fish in the sea. There are few places in the world that can compare with the quality of our fishery with multiple 50 to 80kg yellowfin tuna being the norm on a typical charter and with fish reaching over 110kgs

– Captain Dave

Blue water spearing for yellowfin and longfin tuna off the Cape is becoming more and more popular. With large numbers of big yellowfin tuna often present spearos are at times spoilt for choice as to which tuna to shoot.

During the tuna season offshore water conditions can be greener at times but often blue water moves in providing clean water and excellent visibity. Blue water conditions are superb with water temperatures from 18 to 22 degrees C and under ideal conditions water visibility up to 25m.

We normally shoot with 1.4 double rubber aluminium barrel guns. The spears have detachable heads and the guns are rigged in a breakaway fashion. This breakaway is attached to about 20m of bungee cord which is in turn connected to professionally rigged locally made Tommie Botha tuna boogie boards.

Tuna are incredibly powerful fish and although it is not necessary to dive very deep to shoot them there is always the threat of blackout from being dragged under. Combined with this is the current and chance of encountering mako and blue sharks makes it important to be competent while in the water.

Because of this we only take competent experienced spearo’s out to shoot tuna. We can supply two professionally rigged 1.4m tuna spear guns with detachable heads  as well as weight belts and boogie boards including bungee lines, cumbersome items one would not want to travel with.

If you require more gear let us know in advance so we can see what we can arrange for you.

Blue water spearing for tuna must rank as one of the top unique experiences for a spear fisher.

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