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Non stop tuna action.

As part of a corporate charter we welcomed 4 guys from Vox onboard for a days tuna fishing. Although we did not catch the biggest tuna on the day we did catch the most and proudly won an award for the smallest catch at the prize giving with a 1.4kg yellowtail  Trust me it takes skill to find such a small fish Great fun was had by all with a good class of longfin keeping the guys busy the whole day. Also our new custom built Calstar tuna rod matched to a new Penn International 80 was put through its first paces and performed admirably.


Taken onboard Jaguar

Jaguar was out on charter and had a great day with a lot of action and good catches. The weather was great with light winds and smooth seas. Clients too exhausted to continue. Mission accomplished!


Yellows and longfin

After a bit of a late start this morning we finally got out and had some good action under fairly tough conditions.


Juvenile yellows

After a great start to the season the last two weeks have been characterized by mostly bad weather and when we could get out some tough fishing conditions with green water and mostly smaller juvenile yellowfin being taken onboard Obsession. This coming week predicts more wind which will hopefully bring better water and with it the bigger class tuna.


“Biggest fish of my life”

Sean and Nick chartered us for tuna and were not dissapointed with not stop action the whole day. Both catching their biggest fish ever. Well done guys!


Obsession opens Cape Town Yellowfin Season


Last friday we were out on our first official tuna charter of the season and came home with the bacon with several yellowfin, biggest of which was 84 kgs!  So thats officially the first proper yellowfin tuna taken this season, well done Obsession! Since then we have enjoyed three days with good fishing. Yesterday we were out and had some great action on fly rod as well as fighting a huge mako shark estimated over 100kgs on fly for about 40 minutes before it bit off. All in all a great start to what looks to be a great season ahead of us.


Aussie Angler shows how

Here’s proof that even Aussie’s can catch fish (jibe directed at Josh and not the general Aussie angling fraternity) when fishing with Two Oceans. My good friend Josh joined us for an inshore charter and we had some awesome top action with schools of skipjack tuna crashing into shoals of anchovies. I do firmly believe though the the buff had everything to do with it.


Dave & Mates

Dave and mates joined us for some inshore action and we did not disappoint with the first hookup literally 3 minutes after lines in and non stop action to follow.


Struis Marlin


We had a great time fishing at Stuis for Marlin and did not do badly for our first time up there with 6 strikes and two successful hookups, not to mention loosing what must have been a huge black marlin that spooled the reel in about 30 seconds and bent the hook barb sideways. We also caught a big dorado, small yellowfin tuna, a mako shark as well as a whole lot of yellowtail on jig which was great fun. I landed my first striped marlin, a bitter sweet catch in that we could not revive the marlin after it swam in under the props and had its gill plate damaged.


Size does count

Mick joined us for some offshore tuna action and brought his good luck with a fantastic catch of a 106.92kg yellowfin tuna, after a 1 hour 15 minute fight, Well Done! thats our third 100 kg club yellowfin this season and the second biggest of the season onboard Obsession!


“I’ve fished with Dave & the Obsession team in the 2012 Tuna Derby & on day charters, & was lucky enough in Dec 2012 to catch a 106.92 kilo yellowfin.  During the derby Dave nearly had the team at the chiropractors with 18 yellowfin hookups in 1 day!! The only way you’ll see more tuna is in a can at your local Spar!!” Cheers Mick Gosney.

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