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About Us / Fishing Gear

Rods & Reels

Big Catch and Obsession are fully equipped with Penn International and Shimano fishing tackle.  All our reels are machined from bar stock aluminium and have been tried and tested and proven time and again to stand up to the abuse of Yellowfin tuna.  We only use the best quality reels available on the market to target tuna.

Harnesses & Technique

To be successful it is important to fight tuna in a standup harness, not a chair. This is because the tuna most often run down under the boat and not out on the surface. The standup harness allows the angler to lean into the gunnels of the boat and get the rod tip clear of the sides of the boat while fighting. This greatly reduces the chances of being ‘burnt off ‘on the sides of the boat if the fishing line touches the boat under tension while fighting a fish the friction burns through the line.  We only use Black Magic Standup harnesses – the best quality available.

Fly Fishing

For fly fishing we have various weight fly rods from 10 weights right up to 15 weights and even some custom built rods for targeting the bigger tuna. We predominantly use Tibor Pacific fly reels on the yellowfin tuna and also have other good quality reels such as Penn International and Billy Pate for the longfin, yellowtail and snoek.

We only offer top quality fishing tackle including Shimano and Penn International to give you the best chance at landing your dream catch.

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