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George Rzepecki and his father went for their first trip out to the deep

Friday the 13th. We had the pleasure of hosting George and his dad from New York for their first trip out to the deep.

We went very far south as the water was green all the way out to the 500m contour, we found a shoal of Longfin between the 500 and 1000m contour.

George did well catching his fist Albacore Tuna.


Catching a 40kg Yellowfin Tuna on an inshore charter

Martin Hawkins, a returning customer and his friend went on a full day, inshore charter on Thursday 12 March.

They caught a couple of Skipjacks and a Yellowfin Tuna of about 40kg on the trawl.



Another successful Bass fishing trip with Adam

Severin booked a day of Bass fishing with Adam, fishing from the Bass boat.

They caught and released about 10 fish, the average weight of the fish about 1kg.

His biggest catch of the day weighted in at 1.8kg.




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