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Two Days of Fishing – 21 April & 22 April


Henning and friends joined us for a weekend of tuna fishing.

On day one everyone on board had a chance to land their personal best yellowfin tuna.

On day two we managed to land a South Atlantic Bluefin Tuna. We had a awesome time out at sea with these guys. Hope to see you again next year.


Nick – Big Catch

Southern Atlantic Bluefin Tuna – 19 April 2017

IMG-20170420-WA0000 IMG-20170420-WA0001



A day full of surprises. Clinton and mates joined us for offshore tuna action.

We landed a 82kg Southern Atlantic Bluefin Tune on the Big Catch spreader bar. What a day.


Nick – Skipper Big Catch

90 Kg Yellowfin Tuna – 18 April 2017

IMG-20170419-WA0005  IMG-20170419-WA0001


Ray an Hugo joined us for some tuna fun. Finding fish late in the afternoon. Hugo with a 90kg Yellowfin and Ray ith a 72kg Yellowfin.

Both fish, a Personal best for the boys.


Nick – Skipper Big Catch

Sunday Excitement in the deep – 2 April 2017

IMG-20170403-WA0007 IMG-20170403-WA0006  IMG-20170403-WA0001 IMG-20170403-WA0005IMG-20170403-WA0002

We had an exciting day out on Big Catch on Sunday. We boated Dorado and Yellowfin Tuna.

The clients day was made with a 91kg Yellowfin Tuna, proving once more that the big Yellowfin tuna are back.


Nick – Skipper Big Catch

1st April Weekend Fishing


Mr Hanekom and friends joined us for offshore fishing on the 1st day of April.

We had a slow start to the day but managed to boat some Yellowfin Tuna later in the day.

Another fun day out in the deep.


Nick – Skipper Big Catch

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