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Clients from Finland join us for some tuna fun – 27 March 2017


IMG-20170327-WA0011 IMG-20170327-WA0012 IMG-20170327-WA0013

Ari and his friend joined us for a tuna trip. The fishing has been very good the last couple of weeks.

We decided to try the same area as the previous days.  We had more success boating some nice Yellowfin Tuna.

We returned home with smiles all around.


Nick – Skipper Big Catch

Big Catch Charter Competition Winners – 26 March 2017

94.8kg fish IMG-20170327-WA0002 IMG-20170327-WA0001  IMG-20170327-WA0005


The winner of the Big Catch Charter Competition for November, Hjalmar and his mates joined us for their charter yesterday.

It was another stunning day in Cape Town and there was a lot of action in the deep.  We had great success boating a 95kg Yellowfin Tuna.

It was great fun having these guys on board.


Nick – Skipper Big Catch


Action in the deep – 23 March 2015

IMG-20170324-WA0012 IMG-20170324-WA0007 IMG-20170324-WA0009

The Fourie’s joined us again to go offshore fishing yesterday.  We caught some monster Yellowfin tuna on the bait.

With sore arms and backs we returned home after a action filled day on the water. Thank you for joining us again.


Nick – Skipper Big Catch


Midweek Offshore Fishing – 22 March 2017

IMG-20170322-WA0048IMG-20170322-WA0045 IMG-20170322-WA0046

We took James and his mates out for some midweek fishing fun.

We had success with some yellowfin tuna and returned to shore with smiles all around.

Thank you for joining us on board!


Nick – Big Catch Skipper


Yellowfin and Longfin – 18 March 2017

IMG-20170318-WA0002 IMG-20170318-WA0003


Chris And mates joined us again for some tuna action Saturday. Boating one nice Yellowfin and some big Longfin Tuna.

A successful day on the water.


Nick – skipper Big Catch


Yellowfin Tuna back in full force – 17 March 2017

IMG-20170317-WA0007 IMG-20170317-WA0008

Martin and Stuart Joined us for a fun fishing at the beginning of the weekend on Big Catch.

We got some nice Yellowfin Tuna 60- 70kg range. Beautiful day in the deep.


Nick – skipper Big Catch

Worlds Class White Marlin Caught by Big Catch Team

IMG-20170316-WA0006      IMG-20170316-WA0007  IMG-20170316-WA0004


WORLD CLASS WHITE MARLIN caught by Big Catch Team


The 16th March will forever be a day remembered by Team Big Catch. Successfully releasing a world class White Marlin in the deep off Cape Town.

Special day in the deep today. After months of targeting Marlin in Cape Town we finally came right today with a gem of a White Marlin. We have been successfully hooking up Marlin over the past three months but could not get them alongside the boat with unfortunate hook pulls and fish not sticking.

We were out on charter today targeting yellowfin tuna – something we do best. With a five up strike of yellowfin tuna in the morning the energy on the boat was extraordinary. I got a feeling that I needed to put out a Big- T Wildebees lure behind one of our spreader bars. Shortly after setting the rig it went off screaming. Expecting yellowfin tuna we were very surprised when we had a White Marlin grey hounding towards the boat. I jumped on the controls and that’s when I realized we were on.

Turning the fishes head into the current we started to gain line very quickly and within 15 min we had leader. Grabbing his bill long side the boat reality set in… We had our Marlin!

With close inspection we realized that it was most likely a White Marlin and a monster as well.

We successfully released the marlin and it swam off from the boat – what an amazing experience.

Nick Von Rahden – Skipper Big Catch

After forwarding several photos and a video clip on to a good friend of ours and Marlin Guru Handro we waited in anticipation – was this a White Marlin or possibly a Roundscale Spearfish? Handro came back to us after confirming with other experienced Marlin anglers he knew that they all agreed that our fish was in fact a White Marlin.

This is a significant catch as the number of officially documented White Marlin caught in South Africa can be counted on one hand and furthermore the current all tackle IGFA World Record is 82kg. The fish released off Big Catch was in this size class.

Go Team Big Catch!

Weekend Fishing Fun – 11 March 2017

IMG-20170313-WA0000 IMG-20170313-WA0001

We went out on Saturday before the big winds hit Cape Town and caught some Yellowfin Tuna and Skipjacks.

Thank you for joining us Lawrence.


-Nick skipper Big Catch




The Big Tuna are Back in Cape Town – 3 March 2017


Albe and colleagues joined us once again for some early season tuna action. Awesome day in the deep over the weekend.

We landed a beautiful 90kg Yellowfin proving that the bigger tuna has returned to Cape Town.


-Nick skipper Big Catch

Charter to the deep – 8 March 2017


We had some good fun with Matt and mates in the deep this week.

The Yellowfin Tuna is definitely back in town.


– Nick skipper Big Catch

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