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The Catch After the Storm – 24 April2016

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Phill joined us for some tuna action this weekend. Arriving in the deep after the huge storm that hit Cape Town at the start of the weekend, we didn’t know where to start looking for fish. The water was green and cold were we caught fish a couple days ago so I followed my insticts and trolled towards the inside. Here we found blue warm water.

Within 10min in the blue water we had a double up strike on Longfin. I turned the boat for the drift and started throwing bait. We raised a shoal of Longfin and Yellowfin sitting under the longfin at 40m. We hooked some Longfin on the bait I eventually hooked a Yellowfin. Passing the rod to Phill who was excited to get his dream Yellowfin. Unfortunately 30min into the fight the hook pulled and we lost the fish.

I stripped another bait going tight on a monster fish. The fish ran on the surface for about 300m then took a dive. 1hr and 30min later we landed the fish. It was a 200+kg Mako shark which came up tail wrapped. We safely released the shark. Non the less Phill was chuffed with his big shark and he will be back next year to get his big Yellowfin. We look forward to having him on board again!


Nick – Skipper Big Catch

Popping with Justin and Guests – 20 April 2016


Justin Kemp and the Columbia boys joined us for a popping charter. We arrived in the deep catching some Longfin on the bait to begin with. The Yellowfin arrived  seeing some monster Yellowfin in the chum. Our adrenaline started to pump.

Hooking our first couple of Yellowfin on the bait Justin started throwing his hammer head popper. Within minutes he had a bus of a yellowfin come up and smash his popper. The fish hit the popper but didn’t hook up. He turned and hit it again with huge force. Justin was on, rod bending and Stella screaming he was smiling from ear to ear. He landing a very nice Yellowfin of 95kg.

We then got Albe stuck into a huge Yellowfin on the bait. With the North Westley picking up I got anxious to get this fish onboard. Eventually after 2hours we landed this monster Yellowfin weighing in at 103,6 kg!!!


Nick – Skipper Big Catch

Longfin Tuna – 19 April 2016

DSCF1454 DSCF1451 DSCF1455

We went out to the deep with Max and friends. We arrived at the tuna grounds and found some Longfin tuna. After throwing chum the guys caught some Longfin on the bait. They were ready ready for some bigger class fish when we saw some yellowfin marking at 40 meters. Unfortunately we had to return home  before we could hook one  as some of the clients on board were getting sea sick. None the less we had a great day out in the deep.


Nick – Skipper Big Catch

Three Anglers to Tame a Monster – 15 April 2016




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On Friday Bennie and his mates joined us for some offshore Tuna action.  We ran South to the long liner,  arriving at the long liner the water was perfect colour and the temperature, but no Yellowfin in site. I decided to run more West where  we found the tuna pole fleet in the West.  Trolling for 10min around the pole boats we found the Yellowfin marking at 35meters so we decided to chum.

When my deckie Robin threw the first hand full of chum the fish immediately came up for the bait but was very cautious on taking the hook. We eventually managed to hook a nice fish of 89kg which all 3 anglers had a go at.  3 hours later and 3 anglers down we managed to land our stubborn 89kg yellowfin. A stunning fish to end a Awesome day.


Nick – Big Catch Skipper

Inshore Fun – 14 April 2016

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We headed out to the point for a inshore trip with Kyle and mates on Thursday. We arriving at the point to find the water at only 13 degrees, to cold for Yellowtail.  We decided to push out a bit further to the rocky bank,  but didn’t see much birds and the water wasn’t to great at a mere 15 degrees. We managed to get some Yellowtail  with the biggest weighing in at about 7kg.


Nick – Big Catch Skipper

Fish of a Lifetime – 12 April 2016

DSCF1421    DSCF1431

Another  awesome day in the deep with Eric and Oscar. We left harbour around 6:15am arriving in the tuna grounds at 8am to find a bunch of commercial Tuna pole boats working the area.

We switched on our fish finder (taking some new technology for a test drive), we saw  some Yellowfin Tuna marking at 35m so we decided to throw the chum and drop some baits. Within 10min we were tight!  Both Eric and Oscar caught a fish of a lifetime. Was great having you guys on board.


Nick – Big Catch Skipper

Hard Work Pays Off – 9 April 2016

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André and family joined us again for some tuna action. We ran South again where we got the Yellowfin the day before,  baiting behind the long liners we couldn’t see any fish.

We were determined to catch a Yellowfin working it really hard running from long liner to long liner. Eventually we came right, getting our Yellowfin for the day and some Longfin on the troll.

Nick – Big Catch Skipper

December Big Catch Lucky Draw Winner – 8 April 2016


We had a lot of fun on Friday with our Big Catch lucky draw winner Lehan and friends. Spirits were high with matching team gear and ready to go.

We headed out to the South finding some long liners where the action was happening,  stripping baits behind the longliner. Landing  some nice class Yellowfin.  We had a great day out.



Nick – Big Catch Skipper

Last Minute Inshore Fun – 5th April 2016

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After a last minute booking we had a excellent day out at the point boating some yellowtail around the bellows on spinning gear.

We had a late start to the morning only leaving Houtbay at 7:15am,  arriving at the point only to find the tail going crazy on the surface feeding on garfish. We drove up to the shoal throwing plugs, wax wings and max raps which the fish couldn’t leave alone.

A very good way to spend my birthday.


Nick – Big Catch Skipper


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