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Family Day – 28 March 2016


Beckie and family joined us on Family Day.  Running out to the West after some bad weather we didn’t know what to expect.  We arrived in the tuna grounds to find the water very green but temp was right so we decided to put troll lines in.

Shortly after we had some strikes of longfin. We continued trolling and hooked a yellowfin on the bird but unfortunately the hook pulled and we lost the fish. Pushing out further looking for blue water we found some yellowtail on the colour change. Fishing was quite slow in the West,  working that colour change we hooked another yellowfin on the helco clipping Beckie into the fish she fought the fish like a boss,  got the fish up 2m under the boat but unfortunately the fish ran towards the motors and wrapped around the prop snapping the 80lb mono. Fish gone…… Needless to say clients were still happy with the catch.


Nick – Skipper, Big Catch

Colin And Client – 23 March 2016

DSCF1317 DSCF1327


We had a early start to the day leaving the harbour at 6am. We arrived in the tuna grounds going straight on the bait we hooked our first yellowfin,  throwing some chum we soon had fish shoaling under the boat. We managed to land a few yellowfin and the clients were happy with the catch. With the full moon the fish were biting early morning and late afternoon.


Nick – Skipper, Big Catch

Local Boys – 19 March 2016

IMG-20160319-WA0036  IMG-20160319-WA0035IMG-20160319-WA0037

19/3/16 Frikkie and mates joined us on Saturday. The wind had turned and allowed us to run South. Once arriving in the canyon we found the water to be a better temperature and color, but still a bit green.  We decided to put troll lines out and within 5 min we had our first strike.  Frikkie was on the rod cranking like crazy, the fish coming to the boat very quickly.  Unfortunately  the fish spat the hook once he was at the boat.

With troll lines out again we were tight immediately.  This time Frikkie’s mate was on the rod,  landing his biggest fish ever, we decided to push out further and look for a bigger class fish. We got into an area where the water was a good color, stopped and started to throw chum. Casting some poppers we had Yellowfin boiling on the surface, a couple casts later we were tight again but this time on the popper.  Loosing another fish next to the boat was quite disappointing.

Chumming like crazy we couldn’t get the fish to bite on the bait. Eventually in overtime we managed to raise a fish and Frikkie was on again with a nice fish of 55kg,  the fish put up a really strong fight but Frikkie and his mate managed to crank the fish to the boat.  Smiles all round boating  nice Yellowfin we decided to call it a day. I’m looking forward to our next trip as the fishing is only going to get better.

Nick – Skipper Big Catch

Floating kelp paddy – 18 March 2016

IMG-20160318-WA0019 IMG-20160318-WA0022

We decided to run West seeing that the North Westerly was coming in the afternoon.  Arriving at the tuna grounds only to find the water brown and cold.  While pushing out to find better water we came across a floating kelp paddy, so we stopped to throw some spinners. With the  first cast we were tight with a Yellowtail.  We then decided to stay and work the kelp paddy for the day, as we received reports of bad water and no Yellowfin Tuna on the 500 contour.  Smashing the Yellowtail and a couple of Longfin around the kelp paddy our clients were very happy with the catch.


Nick – Skipper Big Catch

Special outing with Botes Family – 12 March 2016

DSCF1303 DSCF1308 DSCF1310 DSCF1313

On Saturday Anton and family joined us for a very special fishing trip.  We had a late start at 7am, due to lumpy seas from the South East the day before. Arriving in the tuna grounds we found the water to be 21 degrees and bottle green, not the usual blue we are used to. With plenty bird life in the area I thought to myself that we should come right today.

Doing a drift behind our first trawler we saw nothing, we then decided to put troll lines in and work towards the outside hoping for blue water. About 15min into the troll we were “vas” with our first yellowfin. I clipped Anton’s brother in, who was smiling from ear to ear,  a special moment for him as it was his first yellowfin, which he wanted to tick off the bucket list.

15min Back on the troll we saw a hammer head shark basking on the surface. We approached him to have a closer look as we were about 10m from the shark we went tight on our 2nd yellowfin. With Anton on the reel he punished that yellow showing it who’s boss. The guys were chuffed and a little sea sick, so they decided that we head back to the harbour.  Job done!


Nick – Skipper Big Catch

Early start with Scott and clients – 8 March 2016

DSCF1282 DSCF1298


On Tuesday 8th March we were once again joined by Scott and some of his clients exploring our beautiful country. We got an early start to the day leaving harbour at 6am.  we arrived in the tuna grounds to find a long-liner catching good kingklip so we decided to do a drift behind him.

My deckhand Robin set the first bait and we were on. Tiagra 80 screaming like a spoiled child with line peeling off, we clipped the client into his biggest fish ever, landing a nice 65kg butter ball. We approached the long-liner for our second drift,   working long-liners and trawlers we couldn’t find any fish.

Late in the afternoon we decided to do one more drift behind a trawler,  on our last drift we managed to pull the shoal of fish off the trawler, being boat alone all pandemonium broke loose. Raising the shoal we had yellowfin 360 degrees around the boat  we had a great time doing the tuna dance. Over under over under organised chaos we boated another some more fish.  Smashing it out the park we ran home with big smiles and yellowfin in the box. Thanks Scott and clients it was an Awsome day on the water. See you gents soon.

Nick – Big Catch Skipper

Ladies can Tuna dance better than most gents – 2 March 2016

DSCF1257 DSCF1261


We hosted 4 ladies and 1 gent on-board Big Catch, ready for some tuna action. Running back to the same area from the day before where we know a few tuna where around. Setting the troll lines out in the electric blue water, all signs where right. The lines where in for about 10min before we had our first strike on the rapalas,  clipping the ladie in she proceeded to crank the fish in but unfortunately she dropped the rod tip to fast causing slack line and the fish spat the hook out.

I told my deckhand Robin to reset the spread but this time to sneek  the big white squid out on the outrigger. The squid was not even in the 5 min when the outrigger exploded with the Tiagra 80 screaming like a spoiled child we were on again. Clipping the main lady into the black magic she showed this fish whose boss. She did a great job of landing her biggest fish ever.

We then found some longliners and trawlers but no yellowfin to be found, moving away from the longliners with troll lines out we saw a marlin jumping in the distance, I turned the boat and headed for the marlin. Arriving where we saw the marlin jump, something caught my eye on the Portside,  looking down from the flybridge I saw a black marlin lit up and charging towards our boat. I turned on the fish to pull the lures over him but unfortunately we didn’t hook up.

The elusive marlin still eludes us. There’s been a few marlin caught in the cape this season already, with no doubt every time we go to sea we will be targeting marlin and yellowfin.

Nick – Skipper Big Catch

First Drift First Fish – 1 March 2016

DSCF1238 DSCF1242 DSCF1252 DSCF1255


Well what can I say, fishing has been scratchy all round. With great expectations we ran out to the canyon to look for some monster yellows. Arriving in the canyon area we came along side our first trawler. Throwing bait and stripping our Tiagra 80s as the sun rises was a great feeling .

On our first drift we went tight on a 50kg yellowfin, passing the rod over to our client who did a sterling job of landing his biggest fish ever. With smiles all around we went up to the trawler again for our second drift but couldn’t come right again.

We worked 7 trawlers in the area but no yellowfin were to be found. We then decided to put troll lines out and work the area. While trolling we went double up on some monster skip jack tuna. After doing a little skippie dance with the two anglers landing both fish, we continued to troll the inside. Then we got smashed by something huge,a brief connection resulting in us loosing our squid tuna runner in the process. With time running out we had to call it a day and run home.

Nick – Skipper Big Catch

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