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Guests from Germany – 27 February 2016


On the 27th February we had a early start to a days fishing with our group of  5 German guests. The morning silence was interrupted by laughing and loud accents. Moral was high and everyone was ready to get stuck into some tuna fishing.

On the run out we had one casualty of sea sickness.  I turned to my deckhand saying he should expect more to follow… By the time we arrived in the tuna grounds we had four people down and one ready for  a fish of a lifetime. We found a trawler working in the West and ran up to it and dropped our first bait…. ON DAD…. Hooking a nice Yellowfin of 65kg. Good achievement for our last man standing!

On our run home we came across a floating pallet with plenty Dorado, Yellowtail and Trigger fish under it. We made two passes on the troll hooking some Yellowtail but no Dorado. We stopped and baited for the Dorado but no luck, the fish wouldn’t eat. With a 65kg Yellowfin and two Yellowtail in the box our last man standing was smiling from ear to ear. “Job done” he said while sipping on his ice cold beer.


Nick – Skipper Big Catch


Around the world Joining Charter – 26 February 2016


On Friday the 26th February 2016 we had a joining charter with four clients from around the world, on the hunt for some tuna!

We headed South down to the dumping grounds where we heard reports of tuna knocking around. We arrived to find the sea a bit lumpy, but decided to continue to fish. We chummed the water for about an hour, only to find plenty of Blue Sharks in the area. We then decided to put troll lines out and work North up the contour. About 30min later we came across a shoal of longfin and Skip Jack Tuna. With reels screaming and rods bending our clients all had a go at catching a tuna in Africa! With smiles all a round and beers in hand we decided to head for the harbour and call it a day.


Nick – Skipper Big Catch

First Day Back – 25 February 2016

We hosted some international guests on the 25th February 2016.

With it being our first day back on our home tuna grounds, since Struisbaai Marlin Tournament, Marlin  was still on our minds. We decided to pull some konas.

The konas were in the water for about 15min before we got our first strike on the outriggers….

It was a huge hit spooling the Tiagra 50 down to dacron. The fish ran for about 600 meters before breaking the 80lbmono above the Bermani twist. With expectation still running high we managed to hook two small yellowfin tuna.

Nick – Skipper Big Catch

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