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Robbie and The Intrepid Explorer join Two Oceans

Robbie from the Intrepid Explorer joined us for a real offshore tuna fishing adventure. Two Oceans did not disappoint. We started the day off with a bang with a 4 up strike on longfin tuna, followed by a school of longfin tuna on the pole, followed by a school of yellowfin tuna that smashed the guys up and had several on their knees begging for mercy 🙂 Just the way we like it. Real in your face tuna fishing mayhem.

Robbie and the team

Gordon and Tommie strike gold

After a frustrating tuna derby competition Tommie and Gordon were back onboard Obsession in search of some yellowfin tuna. We struck gold with an absolutely stunning sea day as well as excellent fishing with both anglers catching loads of tuna, in fact we did not stop catching the whole day. The biggest weighed in 91 kgs,well done Gordon, while Tommies biggest yellow weighed in at 86 kgs! A great catch guys and looking forward to fishing with you both again soon. Gordon your braai goodie pack that you brought onboard will be well remembered by Al and myself and needless to say did not make it off the boat…

Tommie and Gordon

22 November Yellowfin tuna

We had a great day out yesterday hooking two big yellowfin tuna, one unfortunately got away by swimming round the props but we landed the other. We also had several smaller yellowfin on the back lines that we successfully released.

Great Catch


10 to 15 November

Our Friends from Finland joined us for some great fishing with all 10 clients catching the biggest fish of their lives! Well done guys!

Tuna Derby 2013 – ladies winner!

We had a great tuna derby again, with some what harder fishing conditions though. Even with the tough conditions and loosing a monster fish under the boat having bit through the line we still managed to come in to the prizes with third top boat as well as overall winner in the ladies category! Special mention must be made of Janet who landed two excellent tuna of 68 and 72 kgs to win the ladies section.





4 November Yellowfin

Dave and CJ joined us for a days offshore charter and Dave beat his personal best tuna several times over landing four yellowfin tuna.

Dave Yellowfin Tags:

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