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End Nov

With a bit of a SE blow for the next couple days we are enjoying some much earned respite… November has been an awesome month on the fishing front as our many happy clients will attest to. We ended off with some excellent popping action with Charl as well as Gordon and friends who fished with us yesterday proving without doubt – as Gordon put it ” Englishmen can fish too you know…” followed closely by Carl – “the Welsh can catch a fish or two” Looking forward to having you guys onboard again – Cheers.

charl gorden1

Labucon Boys

The guys from Labucon joined us today on two boats as a corporate event and what a day with very exciting topside action with yellowfin taking the plugs right next to the boat!


One of the guys was so eager to get his fish in that he ended up in the water with the tuna! needless to say we still got the fish! Spot the odd one out….


Great Catch!

We were joined today by some fishing fanatics from Russia and had a great day out with some longfin and yellowfin action.


Clive’s goliath battle with 86kg YFT on fly


“The unexpectedly gentle but persistent pull of a Yellowfin Tuna taking a fly which then accelerates into a blistering unstoppable run stripping hundreds of yards of backing from the reel is indelibly seared into my memory as one of life’s great fishing experiences.

Combined with whale spotting and the sweeping glides of passing albatross and other seabirds under the guidance of Dave’s slick professional operation makes for an unforgettable day out.
Fortunately the memories will last longer than the sore arms!


Scott’s Personal Best !

Great weather hooked up first thing in the am with a double and more tuna to follow – a great day out. All three guests caught their personal bests with 3 tuna over the 200lb mark!


” It was our first yellowfin fishing trip to the Cape.  We select Capt. Dave and the Obsession because of their outstanding catch record and top notch gear.  On all fronts we were not disappointed.  Dave and his mate Al are excellent at what they do.  They worked tirelessly to get us on fish with the end resulted being the best day of fishing the three of us had ever experienced.  Within minutes of getting to the tuna grounds we were into monster yellowfin.  The first two hook-ups were fish of 86 kg and 75 kg.  Both fish were absolutely beautiful.  From then on we were into fish.  We had huge (90 kg plus) yellowfin swimming right next to the boat.  Truly amazing!  and three very tired but happy fisherman.  A great day on the water!



Team Obsession came up trumps with two 100 kg club yellowfin taken by Captain Dave, biggest weighing in at 110kgs and 102.3kgs and taking first and second prizes in the 2012 Two Oceans Marine Tuna Derby fished out of Hout Bay as well as top boat overall. Go Team Obsession!


Dave literally “Hooked on Africa” fighting his 110 kg yellowfin


Dave posing with his 102.3 kg yellowfin taking second place as well…


First Prize! a Seacat ski boat complete with twin 40 Yamaha outboards !

Tuna Derby Day 1 – 109.95kg Monster !

Fishing under ideal sea conditions the action was slow on the first day with only two yellowfin coming to boat, however this did not put a damper on the day due to the monster yellowfin tuna landed by Captain Dave, just after consuming a whole bag of jub jubs – the yellowfin tuna did not stand a chance and was at boat in about 45 minutes….


When it took we knew it was a monster – it came up to the surface very soon into the fight to give us a glimpse of its size as it turned and the light caught the silver under belly.

At the scales for weigh in it tipped the balance to 109.95 kgs the official weight and of note the second biggest yellowfin ever officailly recorded having been caught on rod and reel in South Africa! Quite an achievement and setting the benchmark of the “fish to beat” in the Derby. Well with two more days left in the competition lets hope the fishing stays as good as it has been and we get a couple more giants 🙂


Tuna Derby Training


With a magnificent weather day and no charter, but with the Tuna Dery Competion starting tomorrow, Team Obsession decided to head on out for some extra competition “training” – any excuse to go fishing 🙂 not that we need any practice having fished 5 out of the last 6 days….. hopefully to give us the edge over the other 30 boats fishing the competition.


Well it seems that Capt. Dave had the biggest catch of the day – A 6m blue monohull called What 4 whose steering packed up about 15 miles offshore and required assistance, estimated weight about 1000 kgs and loaded with some pretty good fishing tackle – only problem is we had to “release” the boat once we got back into harbour.

Cooking at 98.5kgs!

Well as Jochen’s t-shirt clearly stated today – fish fear us – two yellows in the 90’s one just shy of the 100 kg mark by 1.5 kgs and and another in the mid 80’s – quite a days fishing boys! now we just need to work on the second part of Jochens t-shirt querp 🙂

jochen the-catch

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