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The photo on the rhs is of myself in the Green and Gold6 and Nick sporting the Finnish Ice Hockey jersey featuring the prominent Table Mountain in the background.

The reason behind the photo is that Nick and I were selected to fish in a top European Fly Fishing competition in Finland and Norway and were asked by the sponsors to take some photos in prominent locations in Cape Town to bring along with us.

The competition is going to be filmed for local fishing networks.  We are also going to filmed in various locations around Finland while we try our hand at catching Salmon, trout, arctic char, greyling as well as Arctic Ocean halibut, cod and catfish.

After fishing with us for yellowfin tuna, the guys want to see how we shape up tackling something new! We don’t know exactly what to expect but are getting our cold weather gear together in anticipation.

Needless to say we are both very excited about tackling some totally new species with new techniques and will report back with photos after the event!

Tight Lines for Finland and Norway !

Many thanks to local pro photographer Dianne for taking the pics for us, you can get in touch with her on www.diannephoto.com

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