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Bertus & family

Bertus and family joined us for a offshore tuna charter, with another calm sea day we had a fast run out and hooked into a longfin seconds after putting lines in, the rest of the morning was quiet until we teased up a school of yellowfin… great action including a massive yellowfin or big eye, definately a triple figure (kgs) fish. It spooled the Penn International 70 three times with us chasing the tuna with the boat to gain line. After about 30 minutes the hook pulled with the tuna eluding us but at least the terminal tackle stood up to the test with all the knotsĀ  still intact, man I wish I could have seen the size of that tuna….


Gert and Friends

Gert and his mates joined us for an offshore tuna charter and we had some good action on a big class of longfin and some small yellowfin. What a fantastic weather day with calm seas!


April Yellowfin


Johann and friends joined us for an offshore tuna charter, the morning produced some good longfin action and then again in the afternoon when we also hooked into a 62 kg yellowfin.


Yellowfin CHAOS

Wow again what an insane days fishing, I was bitten off by two very big big eye tuna within 5 minutes of one another, the big eye is fairly rare in our waters and can get up to 15okgs… these fish could not have been anything else as they were just so much more powerful than the yellowfin…. Despite the let down we had an awesome day on the yellowfin and the clients even exceed their best catch from a day ago with even bigger yellowfin. So thats the clients record broken twice in two days!!!



Another great days fishing with a 78 kg big eye tuna on the cards as well as plenty of yellowfin and longfin. The charter had their days best fishing ever. ” Thanks for the most amazing experience, we were blown away by the number of fish we caught and this is definately the best fishing we have ever had”

78kg big eye tuna

78kg big eye tuna

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