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Izak and mates joined us for an offshore fishing charter. With gorgious weather and calm seas we had a fast run out to the tune grounds and put lines in shortly after 8:15am. After a few minutes James spotted some garfish raining out of the water trying to escape becoming breakfast to something much bigger… I was concentrating on turning the boat into the line of the baitfish when seconds later James screamed Marlin. I looked up and saw the unmistakeable dorsal fin of a Marlin cutting the water as it chased after the school of garfish. Excitement was now at boiling point and the adrenaline was pumping. I turned into the line of the Marlin and sped up to entice a take. One of the flats was slammed by the Marlin but the hook did not set. I turned again and looked back to see the upright with the bird bending almost double as it loaded with the Marlin having taken the squid. I sped up to set the hook and at the same time James grabbed the rod and set the hook. The fight was then on. After Izak subdued the Marlin James billed it and I released the hook from the bill where it had cleanly been hook. After a minute or two of underwater footage being taken of the Marlin by my good friend and pro cameraman Morne Hardenburg, we released the Striped Marlin. Words cannot fully describe the feeling and excitement of the whole event. As a very rare catch in Cape Town we are now one of the very few priviledged boats who can say we successfully caught and released a Striped Marlin! Well Done Guys.


Derek joined us for some offshore tuna fishing, we were unable to get a tuna on fly as the fish did not want ot come up to the boat but did get some on the troll.derek1

Terrence & Family

Terrence, Cheni and Kane joined us for some tuna action and we did not dissapoint with 4 big yellowfin being boated.
“Thank you once again for the awesome experience and for making it such a wonderful memory to treasure forever”.

Capt Dave in the fish…

Andrew Todd and Mates joined us as repeat clients and Capt. Dave again provided great action with 5 yellows. Well done guys, Also you guys have gone down in history as the only guys to successfully bring along and consume 62 ice cold beers – quite an achievement. Looking forward to seeing you next year, cheers Dave.

“Thanks again for a great time and as always your professional and friendly service. We all had a blast – even the guys hanging off the side of the boat feeding the fish!” Andrew Todd

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