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Yellowfin Mayhem

Jim and Family joined us for an offshore expedition and we provided hectic action on the yellowfin once again with all 4 anglers catching the biggest fish of their lives!

Brian’s Bus….plural

Brian Joined us for a days offshore tuna fishing. We enjoyed non stop action with the highlight being a full house on yellowfin with the first tuna taking the bird at the back and then all the other rods exploding. We managed to land all the tuna with no burn offs. All in all a great days fishing. Looking forward to your next trip Brian. Cheers Capt Dave.

Aussie Returns to tackle yellowfin

Gary and his brother joined us as repeat clients, great to fish with you again! We managed to produce two yellowfin and had a great day out on the water.


Big Yellowfin

Grant and his mates joined us for a tuna trip. With good weather we had a full up strike in the morning on longfin but things slowed down over mid day. Early afternoon Capt. Dave found the yellowfin and produced some serious action with all 6 on board getting stuck into a big yellowfin. Great Fishing guys, looking forward to your next trip in the week.


Capt Dave does it again

We started the day off with a 4 up strike on the troll and landed a dozen or so good sized longfin in the morning. Later on we found the yellowfin with a strike on the troll and a couple on the bait. Apart from a bumpy ride a great days fishing and all the clients caught their biggest fish ever!

The Tuna are back!

John and friends joined us for a tuna trip and we got stuck into some big longfin tuna in the 20 to 25kg class. Great catch Guys! John lost a big yellow after a 45 minute fight when the hook pulled.


Snoek & Kreef

The Old Mutual guys joined us for some great snoek and crayfish action.

Now this is what I call a net full of kreef!


The guys with a good catch of snoek.

Andrew yellowtail haul

Andrew joined us for some inshore yellowtail and we got him stuck into several fish. We also did a bit of crayfishing. Seeing dolphins, whales and sun fish we had a great day out.

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