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Turkey team haul yellowfin

We had a turkish team fishing with us in the Gordons Bay Classic and are holding thumbs the weather gets better so we can get out with them again this week. Well done on your first tuna ever!

Longfin on Jig

Julian joined us for two days fishing and had a great time on both days with a yellowfin and longfin on the first day and some longfin on the jig on the second day. Looking forward to fishing with you again Julian.

Tuna on Fly

Mark and Mary had a great days tuna fly fishing with us hooking into and landing 3 yellowfin and one huge longfin on fly. We had yellowfin tailing next to the boat for about 2 and a half hours!

Mark into a yellowfin.

Snoek on Fly

Mark and Mary joined us from the states for a couple of days fly fishing and opted to do one day inshore for snoek and one day offshore for tuna. We had some great weather and managed to get them into good fish on both days!

Mary fighting a snoek

Mark and Mary with their catch

World Record Smashed !

Phillip joined us today for some blue water spearing and photography and had an excellent day with piles of fish and a new World spearfishing record longfin tuna of 30.94kgs! Well done!

Best Tuna fishing in my life…

“We have fished in top spots around the world. This is the first time I have ever had to put the rod down because we were too exhausted from reeling in all those big longfin and yellowfin. Dave and his crew got us into the fish and kept them coming!” Mason Tenaglia, Lexington MA USA

Mason and Max below posing with some of the yellowfin.

Awesome trip!

Chris a return client fished with us on saturday with a group of his mates. We had perfect weather and loads of tuna resulting in a really great charter.

In fact we caught so much fish that the guys had to take a nap on the way home to recharge……

Tuna Bonanza!

Well the tuna season is back – we have run 4 charters over the past week with exceptional catches. 16 Yellowfin all between 45 and 84 kgs were brought to boat as well as over 100 longfin tuna ranging from 10 to 29 kgs! We also took several longfin tuna on fly tackle.  With such an excellent start the rest of the season (April and May) promises to deliver some exciting fishing. So best to book early.

We have also had success on the spear with Adrian boating this yellowfin estimated at around 80 kgs!

Here is another yellowfin landed by Alan

Where Two Oceans Meet