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Orange River Gold

We have just returned from our Orange River Fly Fishing Safari. All I can say is Wow! what insane fishing! Between the 8 of us we landed and release over 285 yellowfish – all on fly tackle, and by the way this was pretty slow – when the water is just a bit warmer the fish really go crazy!

The fish were all in great condition and very strong giving an excellent fight. You literally can catch fish on consecutive casts and I even landed two at once! Most of the fish were targeted in the faster flowing water and I often hooked into big fish in shin deep water. After a very aggressive take the yellowfish often jump right out the water and speed off making for adrenaline packed fishing.

This safari rates as one of the best fly fishing trips I have ever done -period. The weather was fantastic with warm days and cooler evenings. We camped on the river bank meters away from fishable water. It was great to relax around a camp fire in the evening swaping fishing stories and tying up fly patterns that “cooked” on the day. There were even a few new killer patterns we came up with. Most importantly we had several of the top fly fishers in the country giving expert advice and tuition and for the less experienced in the group this was invaluable. The old hands even learnt more than just a  thing or two…

The good news is that we will be setting up dates for the next trip soon. As soon as we have these set the info will go up on the site. So if you are interested in an unforgetable Fly fishing experience and want to sharpen up your fishing skills why not join us on our next Orange River Safari. We cater for novices right through to experienced anglers. For more info please email dave@tosf.co.za

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