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23 January 2008

What a great weather day. We took the gap in the weather for some pelagic birding. Although we did not have large numbers of birds today we did manage to get some good sightings. Firstly that of a spectacled Petrel. Also seen were both Subantarctic and Artic Skuas, Manx Shearwaters, Cory Shearwaters, Great Shearwaters, Sabines gulls, European and Wilsons Storm Petrels in good numbers, Shy Albatross, Atlantic yellownosed Albatross, Black Browed Albatross, various gulls, shooty shearwaters, white chinned Petrels, and Cape Gannets.

January 2008

The Cape Doctor( summer SE wind) is hard at work resulting in very little birding. When we have managed to get out we have seen Cory’s Shearwaters in good numbers. Two Antaric Fulmar were spotted early Jan as well as a Wandering Albatross. Two Manx Shear waters were spotted on our last trip. Other species include Great shear waters, Sooty shearwaters, White Chinned petrels, Shy albatross, Atlantic and Indian Yellownosed albatross, Sabines gulls and European Storm petrels.

December so far

Bird numbers are down as most birds are nesting at this time. We have been seeing very good numbers of adult Atlantic yellow nosed Albatross.

Where Two Oceans Meet